Jointing and Packing

We Supply white dry Asbestos Ropes, Legging Ropes, Asbestos Strip, Graphite Gland Packing, High temperature PTEE packing, All types of Metallic and Non Metallic Jointing Sheet, Good Grip Metallic And Non Metallic Brake Liner, Woolen Felt, Rubber Sheets, Teflon and Nylon Rods, Sheets and Bushes.

Authorized Distributors

  • 2CUMI

  • 3DnH

  • 4Maruti Weld

  • 6JKFiles

  • 7makita

  • 10loctite

  • 11Asha

  • 1pix

  • 5miranda

  • 88ralliwolf

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