We serve all types of welding needs of customer.
We keep welding electrodes, welding machines and all types of welding equipments.
Electrodes :
We supply all types of electrodes in best prices and of best brands as per user application. Types include Mild Steel, Low Hydrogen, Low Alloy High Tensile, Stainless Steel, Hard Facing, Casting, Low Heat Input, Cutting and Gouging.
We also supply Fux cored wires, Co2 Wires and Stainless Steel Filler Wires.
We are authorized distributor and best price dealer of:
1. D&H Secheron Electrodes
2. Maruti Weld
We also supply ESAB, Honaver, Royal Arc, Manglam, L&T and others at best prices as per customer demand.
Machines :
We supply ARC, Rectifiers, IGBT Inverters, MIG, TIG, Plasma cutting and other types of welding machines in high quality and best price.
Welding Equipment:
We supply all types of Welding cables, Holders, Cutting & welding torches, Hoses, glasses and all other welding accessories. We are authorized to sell “ASHA”. We can also supply other brands like ESAB as per requirement.

Authorized Distributors

  • 2CUMI

  • 3DnH

  • 4Maruti Weld

  • 6JKFiles

  • 7makita

  • 10loctite

  • 11Asha

  • 1pix

  • 5miranda

  • 88ralliwolf

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